CGI / Animation

Bringing ideas to life.

Computer-generated imagery and 3D visualisation can transform the way you market products. It’s an original, dynamic approach to showcasing your work and engaging consumers. Matrix can make it happen.

Photorealistic imagery

We can render images with an extraordinary degree of real-world likeness – invaluable in a broad range of marketing scenarios. Bring prototype products to life before they’re even manufactured. Present multiple finish options cost-efficiently and with laser-sharp precision. Whatever the application, we can conjure up the look you need.

Beyond photography

CGI rendering reaches the parts a camera can’t. Our realisation techniques create images from impossible angles or provide ‘x-ray’ shots to display a product’s inner workings. Where the limitations of real photography set in, CGI takes over and brings a new dimension to your imaging.

Getting animated

Engage consumers with a dynamic and interactive experience. From energising your promotion of products to bringing clarity to your support and instruction documents, animated graphics boost your users’ experience. Let’s get your brand’s visual marketing in motion.

Realising your vision

With CGI imaging from Matrix, you get high-impact graphics and a cutting-edge visual experience. Call on us for 3D visualisation, photorealistic images or animations – and watch your concept spring to life.

Design flair

We combine the technical skills needed to craft CGI images with the creative flair to make them sing. While our specialist understanding of rendering and animation processes is essential, it’s our eye for great design that allows us to apply this powerful technology to full effect.

Machine power

High-spec 3D modelling and rendering demands serious processing muscle. So that’s why, at Matrix, we’ve invested in dedicated specialised hardware. Our dedicated equipment makes CGI a cinch and enabling our 3D wizards to work their magic within your timeframe.

Limitless applications

We can create stunning white background shots of existing stock for e-commerce, model potential products or packaging, or craft multi-views for your products’ technical specifications. From the useful to the beautiful, photo-realistic images unlock a world of marketing potential.

All taken care of in-house.

We have an inspired team of in-house designers and developers. Our experts will guide and advise you though each step. For a friendly chat about your project, call us on 01752 250029 or get in touch below.