Centrax Gas Turbines

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Centrax Gas Turbines


As an international player in creating gas-powered turbines, communicating effectively with their global market is paramount for Centrax. The company had been creating diverse marketing materials, but the design and messaging of their output was fragmented and lacklustre. Centrax came to Matrix to bring consistency and impact to their branding effort. Their wish list included a modern, dynamic website, brochures and a range of other printed resources.


We took Centrax’s existing logo as a starting point for an effective ‘look and feel’ branding overhaul. Adopting its bold red and black hues, we added greys and whites, to create a simplified palette. We introduced signature visual motifs and consistent typography, selected for their reliable, robust character. These design and branding values fed into everything we crafted for Centrax, from their modern website to their updated brochure designs.


Centrax’s branding now reflects the company effectively. Theirs is a highly technical industry with sometimes complex and difficult information to digest. And now their marketing serves to help communicate clearly with its audience. From a clean, contemporary website and high-impact sales materials to their succinct use of language and logically ordered information, everything works. And crucially, this branding helps give Centrax present a coherent and unified identity across all their marketing.

Models of success

As part of our creative endeavours for Centrax, we produced a range of detailed graphic models of their products. The results are a consistently styled and unique set of images that elevate Centrax’s marketing above that of its competitors.

Truly bespoke design features such as this go a long way in supporting and enhancing our clients’ marketing. And CGI (computer-generated imagery) is just one of the specialist services our talented creatives can offer.

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