Children’s Poetry Archive

Children’s Poetry Archive

The Challenge

Children’s Poetry Archive is an enormous collection of children’s poems, both in written format and as audio files. Their existing website needed an update to showcase this amazing collection and make it easier to use for children, as well as school groups and parents. The challenge was to create a visually appealing brand for the target audiences, while making the site’s search functionality as user-friendly as possible to simplify navigation of this huge collection.

The Project

Our design team began by creating the framework for a new website using vibrant, complementary colours and a simple page structure to focus on the poets and their work. Then it was over to our developers to build the huge cataloguing system that was both easy to update for the archive team and easy to use for the children. They also built a separate teaching space for educators to bring together the archive’s resources for teachers.

The Result

The new Children’s Poetry Archive website focuses on simple imagery and animations, with a comprehensive catalogue system that allows kids to discover new poems and easily find ones they’re looking for. The new colour palette gives the site a modern look and feel, while letting the poetry speak for itself. The team at the poetry archive were delighted with the outcome and are now in conversation with Matrix about a redevelopment of the National Poetry Archive website. Watch this space!

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