What does branding do?

First things first: a brand is not a logo.

Or more accurately, a business’s brand includes its logo – but so much more besides.

What's in a brand?

A brand emerges from a coming together of many elements. These include the fundamentals of visual identity. While the logo is a key part of this, it also covers a business’s colour scheme, design style themes, and typographic choices too.

But the way your brand is perceived is also influenced by the way your business communicates. This is not only in your day-to-day interactions but in the tone of voice and the content of all your marketing output. The way your business presents itself can be as important to success as the services it offers or the products it sells. Getting your image right and conveying the character and values embodied by your organisation is essential.

Why use a branding agency?

It might seem counterintuitive to suggest that an external agency should tell your business essentially how to be itself. But expert guidance is invaluable in helping define and coordinate the impression your brand makes. An outside perspective can reveal shortcomings and inconsistencies. And an agency that truly gets branding can help a business bridge the gaps between what it represents and how the wider world actually perceives it.

At Matrix, we start by understanding what your business does, its values, and what makes it unique. We then reflect this in original, tailor-made design and marketing solutions. Whether we’re thinking up the perfect name for a start-up, updating a logo, or refreshing a business’s digital marketing channels, we find the brand’s essence and express it meaningfully. When we create branding guidelines, we consider every aspect of the business. This results in a genuinely insightful document to direct your team in cultivating a strong and singular identity across all your visual and verbal content.

With our branding input, you also benefit from our joined-up thinking. As a full-service agency, we fuse diverse creative talents under one roof. And since a great brand relies on consistency, it makes sense that Matrix itself works as a cohesive whole.

In short, branding can work wonders for a business. And Matrix can help you to be the best brand you can.

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