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CGI imaging – a new dimension in product marketing

Computer-generated imagery and 3D design can transform the way your brand demonstrates what it’s capable of. It’s a modern, dynamic approach to showcasing your visuals – and one we specialise in offering right here at Matrix.

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What does branding do?

First things first: a brand is not a logo. Or more accurately, a business’s brand includes its logo – but it’s so much more besides. A brand emerges from a coming together of many elements. These include the fundamentals of visual identity, such as colour schemes and typographic choices.

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Getting ready for GDPR

While it’s not the most pleasant exercise you’ll need to do this year, preparing for the upcoming GDPR data law is not a task to ignore. But with a bit of methodical thinking and a few key steps, you can make sure your organisation is watertight before the GDPR deadline arrives.

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Christmas 2017 Opening Hours

It’s a digital Christmas greeting from us this year! Instead of sending cards, we’ve proudly sponsored a garland in the Plymouth Festival of Christmas Trees at Theatre Royal Plymouth in support of the NSPCC.

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