The Challenge

The start-to-finish creation of a new and innovative business venture retailing made-to-measure, sliding wardrobe doors was an exciting prospect. As a service that advocates a luxury product, user-friendliness and clarity needed to be at the core of this project.

By using a combination of minimal design and interactivity we needed to reflect the premium product, while avoiding the busy nature of competitors’ websites. Along with implementing interactive tools and modern branding, it was important that this translated throughout all social media platforms and advertising campaigns.

The Project

Generating sales and brand awareness were the goals in mind, so our team analysed user interaction and developed a strategy to increase conversions. As the previous grey colour palette reduced engagement, we introduced punchy pinks and developed a sales funnel across all platforms – carrying customers from our social media campaigns, right through to the shopping basket.

In order to provide a strong brand image and consistency throughout, we created an Instagram theme which combined a high-end feel, with a friendly and relatable approach. Continuing this through social media, Facebook, Google search plus display campaigns, we engaged with valuable customers and produced results.

The Result

Alongside establishing a strong brand image, we implemented automated messaging and encouraged users to leave reviews in order to increase credibility. With all our digital marketing and design efforts combined, our client benefits from a fully functional and refined website, strong branding, social media growth and, most importantly, an increase in sales.

Our integrated and bespoke interactive tool enables customers to design their made-to-measure sliding doors, complete with interactive tutorials, and a slick, easy-to-use interface.

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